You know those units that you can teach any time of the year? I love units like that because I don’t feel the pressures of a date. There’s always something that pushes us back on lesson plans, so units like my Community Helpers Social Studies unit takes a little stress off my plate! What’s Included […]

Community Helpers Thematic Unit for Little Learners

What does your little one want to be when they grow up? Little ones tend to pick our every day heroes. And teaching them about those men and women who serve our community is so important. There are so many thematic units that I love teaching, but I absolutely love our Community Helpers unit. I […]

20 Transportation Books for Little Learners

Teaching our little learners about different types of transportation is such a fun unit. We see them pass by us everyday – cars, trains, airplanes, boats, and so much more! There are so many fun ways to incorporate this unit and watch those little minds be amazed as they explore and imagine all that’s going […]

20 Community Helper Books for Little Learners

Teaching our little learners about community helpers is one of my favorite units. We interact with community helpers everyday – police offers, firemen, mail carriers, doctors and so much more! There are so many ways to have fun with this unit. And, watch little brains at work as they explore and imagine all that’s around […]

Community Helpers Interactive Poem

Teaching little learners about our community is one of my favorite units!  There is so much to learn and explore together.  I love introducing units in a fun and engaging way and this community helpers interactive poem is perfect for the job. Interactive poems are always a hit and I love all that my learners get out of […]

Garbage Truck Small World Play

Little man LOVES garbage trucks and he has since he was 2 years old.  So, when it comes to creating engaging learning experiences for him at home…involving a garbage truck is the way to go. As we hibernate this summer to avoid the over 100 degree Texas heat, I set up this Garbage Truck Small World […]