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You know those units that you can teach any time of the year? I love units like that because I don’t feel the pressures of a date. There’s always something that pushes us back on lesson plans, so units like my Community Helpers Social Studies unit takes a little stress off my plate!

What’s Included

Elevate your social studies curriculum with this Community Helpers Social Studies unit, designed to captivate young minds and foster a deeper understanding of the roles within our communities.

And the best part? It’s all planned for you. This is how this unit will give you back some of your ‘me’ time:


      • Detailed lesson plan

      • Whole Group activities that focus on different topics of community helpers

      • Interactive Poem

      • Thematic Emergent Reader

      • Literacy and Math Centers

    Whole Group Activities

    We start this unit by creating our own little community on my white board. Each day, we add another location or vehicle to the map. My little learners love this! Everyone gets a part in building this little community. We even vote on the name of the community!

    As we move along, we play a game called “Find my Match”. I give each student a card with a person or location. I give them a few minutes to walk around the room to find their match! We come back to the meeting place to discuss each pair.

    This next activity is all about the tools community helpers use throughout their day. There are several ways your students can complete this activity. Put it in a center or partner students to complete together.

    So Many Opportunities!

    Social Studies in Kindergarten is all about our community, how to be a good citizen along with the introduction to cities and states and government. So it’s obvious why this unit doesn’t have an expiration date!

    This unit leads to so many opportunities. It’s a great time for your grade level or school to hold a career day. Invite parents to come talk to classes around the school. You’ll definitely want people like police officers, fire fighters, doctors and denists.

    Another fun activity is a field trip to your local fire department or bakery. It’s a great way to either introduce or end this unit!

    You can grab this resource in either my TpT Store or MJCS store!

    To take a closer look at this resource, click the link below!

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