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There are so many fun, creative ways to teach the story of the Gingerbread Man during the holiday season. This year, I took the science and literacy approach with using positional words as my main focus. My students loved this interactive reader focusing on positional words with the gingerbread man!

Favorite Gingerbread Picture Books

Have you ever looked at how many variations of the gingerbread man there are? I use quite a few of these versions in my Gingerbread on the Move thematic unit. Instead of comparing the different versions as a literacy activity, I decided to do something different. I tied in science and literacy together for a fun positional words activity.

Here are some of my favorite versions that I used in my lessons:

Before I read each book, I ask my students to make observations about the location of the gingerbread man. Knowing where he is could help us know where he will go next! We stop and discuss positional words as we move along the book.

Interactive Science Reader

I love using this interactive science reader in small groups. But first, we have to get our book ready for small groups! As part of our whole group activities, we use this time to color and put our book together. All you need are the printables, a small piece of string and some tape.

Start with cutting out the gingerbread house, fold on the dotted lines and glue inside the box on the last page.

Use the string to place on the back of our gingerbread man and attach the other side of the string to the last page of the book.

Next, staple all the pages together to complete your book! I have my students bring this book to small groups throughout the week to focus on sight words, high frequency words and positional words.

You can get this interactive reader as well as other positional word activities in my Gingerbread Man on the Move thematic unit! This unit is full activities such as directive reading and writing, a Gingerbread themed writing center, a fun interactive poem as well as Gingerbread themed math and literacy centers!

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