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Spring is here which means changes are coming! No more heavy coats, cloudy cold days. It’s a time where my learners really get to experience and see up close just how important Spring is to nature. Do you struggle to teach science consistently? I’ll show you how to integrate science in your every day lesson plans with these spring whole group activities!

We start our day reading ‘I am Living’. It’s a whole group, shared reading activity that is filled with age appropriate vocabulary and sight words. It’s not just reading, but it’s singing to a familiar tune like ‘Jingle Bells’! It takes the monotonous out of just reading!

spring whole group activities

Spring Means Living

This week’s lesson plans are all about plants and animals. We start our week with a spring walk. I love that this unit provides us chances to head outside for learning. Outside learning provides so many benefits, but most importantly it gives my learners a little extra vitamin D!

You don’t need to go far from your school or home to see the changes spring brings. My students notice little buds on trees, small patches of green grass and birds outside chirping. discuss the difference in living vs nonliving, the basic needs of living things

Next, we focus on living and non living things. This is a standard that is so important in kindergarten. “If it can’t talk and walk, it must not be living” is what I hear my learners say all the time. It’s an age appropriate misunderstanding, so this activity is a must!

The next few day’s activity is a great extension to the previous day. It’s all about basic needs for living things and how they change when they are provided the things they need!

I think what I love most about my thematic units is that my weekly planning isn’t as stressful as it used to be. I know that I’m integrating science and social studies naturally in my lessons without even trying!

Click the link below to find out more about my newly updated Spring Science Activities unit!

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