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The best part of teaching Kindergarten is seeing the huge growth my students make in such a short time. It’s the most rewarding part of my job! Recently, we started working on subtraction skills. Using one to one correspondence helped my students so much when practicing subtraction. This subtraction math center was a perfect practice in my math centers!

Why One to One Correspondence?

When you use visuals for early math learners, you are setting them up for big success as they grow and mature in their own math skills. I use one to one correspondence for any number sense unit.

Other reasons to use one to one correspondence includes:

  • It creates a foundation for counting: moving objects as students count them creates a foundation for number sense and an understanding of the weight of that number. Students see when 9 is less than 10.
  • It creates a visual for addition and subtraction: adding objects to a group or taking away from a group helps your learners visualize what addition and subtraction looks like.
  • Accuracy in counting: when your students master one to one correspondence, they know when an object has already been counted leading to accurate answers.

Subtraction Math Mats

Math mats are a great way to incorporate this skill. As we practice subtraction, these math mats are a huge help for all of my students. I use them in small groups with my students that struggle a bit more. My students that really understand subtraction gets to practice in math centers.

You can laminate the mats or place them in these pocket folders. This allows students to practice as many times as they want!

Use the provided clouds to practice one to one correspondence. I like to use weather themed erasers or manipulatives! Either way, it’s a fun way for students to visualize subtraction and compare it to addition!

How do I know my students complete the activity while I’m teaching in small groups? Use the provided response sheet for an easy assessment!

Looking for more addition and subtraction activities? My Addition and Subtraction unit is PACKED with hands on activities to help your little learners with math skills!

You can grab this weather themed subtraction math mat for FREE by clicking the link below!

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