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One hundred days of school is a big deal for kindergarteners. It’s one hundred days of learning, growing, and having fun! I go all out with my little learners on this day. Check out all of the one hundred days of school activities I have planned!

FREE Printables Included

That’s right. This entire pack of activities is FREE. Ten activities are in this pack that will provide you with plenty of things to do during your day of celebration! Of course there needs to be snacks and party hats at this party. A fun way to count to one hundred is with snacks! A party hat is in this pack for students to color and wear during the day as well.

Math Printables

There will be lots of counting with these 100 Days of School activities. Bring out more snacks! Fruit Loops work perfectly with this activity. Have your learners place 100 fruit loops on the printable to practice counting. After they are done, they use some string to make a fruit loop necklace. They will probably be all gone by the end of the day though!

Other math activities include a math reader and stamps, and a 100’s chart writing numbers to 100 with fun pens or makers!

Writing Activities

I sure hope I can do all the things my students will do when they are 100 years old! This is such a fun activity for my students. The entire kindergarten grade level dresses up as a 100 year old. I snap pictures of each student and import it into the 100 Days of School Activities file. It makes for the best little writing activity!

If I had $100 is a fun writing activity. I love reading these stories every year because it shows how little they know about the number 100. However, that’s okay! That’s the best part of learning. The best ones are the stories where students buy a house with their $100 bill.

There are so many fun activities in this FREE pack! You can grab this pack in my TpT Store absolutely FREE!

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