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This is for all of my Texas teacher friends! I’ve never been a fan of the curriculum the state gives us to teach all about our great state. So, what does a teacher creator do? I make one that is better and more engaging than anything the state can give me! My All About Texas unit is filled with fun activities that teach little ones about the great state of Texas!

No Planning Required!

If you’ve purchased any of my thematic units , you know my ultimate goal is to take lesson planning off your plate. I’ve talked to so many teachers that say “If I just didn’t have so much to plan each week, I could do more for myself”. I heard that dozens of times during my first year of teaching. And now as a mom of three, I totally get it.

In this unit, you get a list of included activities as well as a detailed lesson plan for your whole group lessons.

A Week of Activities

That’s right. An entire week of whole group activities for your literacy and social studies blocks. This is an easy way to integrate social studies into your literacy time. Achieve two goals at once, right? Because we all know that social studies and science tends to be on the back burner at times. That’s why my thematic units integrate social studies or science with literacy. It just makes sense!

I include a list of my favorite picture books with links that go straight to Amazon! No need to search. These books are not necessary to teach the lessons, however, it makes it easy to integrate both subjects together.

The whole group activities focus on what makes Texas unique. We cover facts about the state flag and learn about the pledge. My learners continue with the Texas symbols like the state flower, bird and food. We dig into a little bit of history and talk about some famous people who helped establish the land long ago.

Small Group Reader

There are so many ways to use this thematic reader! We start by reading it together as a class at the beginning of the week. Then I move it to my small group table for my readers to work on with me. This reader focuses on repetitive text all while reviewing the facts about Texas.

Math and Literacy Centers

If you’ve followed me for even a little bit, you know how I love using math and literacy centers in my classroom. Each unit includes three to four math and literacy centers for your students to complete while you’re in small groups.

The literacy centers focus on:

  • Initial sounds
  • Sight Words
  • Spelling
  • Building Sentences

The math centers focus on:

  • Number order
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Number recognition

You’re learners will love exploring all the facts about this great state! Take some planning off your plate and grab my NEW All About Texas unit. Click the link below to learn more.

Click below to see more of this resource!

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