Good Citizens

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I don’t know about you, but I spend almost the entire year of my school year on this topic! Good citizens is a unit that can be taught any time of the year as a single unit. Or, you can break it up throughout the year. There are so many great activities you can do with this unit. This free activity is perfect to add to your unit!

A great way to introduce a unit like this is to start with a lesson on community helpers. After all, they are a great example of what a good citizen should look like!

Start With a Book

Starting with a book is an easy way to introduce any unit! I have so many books on good citizens. Some of my favorite are We Live Here Too, What if Everybody Did That?, and What Can a Citizen Do?

I like to start my lesson with a book, and then line my whiteboard with similar books for easy access! But you can also fill your library with a variety of citizen books as well.

Whole Group Lesson

Your whole group lesson doesn’t have to be fancy, but it has to be effective! Print the chart cards from the freebie below and add to chart paper. After you read a book, have your class brainstorm ways they can be a good citizen. Make a list below and post in your room!

Independent Work

I like to have one center called desk work and this is perfect for that! This is where your students can draw a picture to illustrate a way to be a good citizen. Then they can write a sentence describing that picture! It’s a perfect activity to tie in with writer’s workshop too!

To grab this free resource, click the link below!

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