All About My Leaf Science Activity

Simple science activities are a great way to help your learners explore science in and out of the classroom.  Creating experiences, like this leaf science activity, allows your learners to record and make observations about data they collect. This is a great way to teach scientific investigation in the classroom. Collecting Data There is nothing better than taking […]

3 Reasons to Use a Science Notebook

Getting little learners excited about science is easy with engaging experiments and thematic units.  Teaching them to collect and organize data like scientists is accomplished with a Science Notebook. Here are 3 reasons why using a Science Notebook with your learners can help your classroom and curriculum. 1) Work Doesn’t Get Thrown Away Whether you are homeschooling or […]

Interactive Notebooks or Interactive Lapbooks?

Interactive notebooks have been a must-have resource in elementary classrooms for several years. It’s easy to see why.  As you know, creating a hands on resource that your learners can engage with allows them to continue learning, even after the lesson is taught. However, sometimes interactive notebooks can be just too much for some students and teachers. […]