All About My Leaf Science Activity

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Simple science activities are a great way to help your learners explore being scientists in and out of the classroom.  Creating experiences, like this leaf science activity, that allows your learners to record and make observations about data they collect is a great way to teach scientific investigation in the classroom. All About My Leaf Science Activity

Collecting Data

There is nothing better than taking your learners outside to explore their world.  Going on “walks” for each season is always a hit in our classroom and so much learning happens when learners explore the outdoors with a purpose in mind. In order to do a thorough investigation for our leaf research, learners are asked to collect a variety of data (leaves) to help them make valid observations.  We have collected data using baggies and even a duck-tape bracelet like we used for this activity. All About My Leaf Science Activity Learners are asked to collect leaves of all different sizes, colors and shapes.  This allows them to choose a leaf to research more closely and compare their leaf to others during the activity. All About My Leaf Science Activity A lot of extra learning happens as we collect data.  We discuss why some leaves are different colors, what the acorns are for, how the squirrels use the trees and more!  It is a great time to get your learners talking to you and each other. All About My Leaf Science Activity When our baggies or bracelets are full, it is time to head inside to start our investigation. All About My Leaf Science Activity

Leaf Research

We start our research by having them pick the leaf they want to focus on.  Once they have chosen a leaf they start by drawing a detailed picture of their leaf.  From the shapes in their leaf to the colors and their location on the leaf, we take our time to make sure we record as much detail as possible. We discuss that many scientists take pictures by drawing sketches or using a camera to help them remember what the object they are researching looked like. All About My Leaf Science Activity We continue our research by recording the size, colors and shape of our leave.  We compare our leaves to other to help make valid and accurate observations. All About My Leaf Science ActivityAll About My Leaf Science Activity Once our research is complete we place our leaf in a baggie, staple it to page and display while we continue our study on fall and leaves.  If you want to complete this activity with your learners you can download this All About My Leaf page by clicking the download button below! All About My Leaf Science Activity This printable is from my Science Notebook and I love that we are able to use half-sized pages inside our notebook and use full-sized pages for work I want to display in the classroom.  You can find more science activities in the Science Notebook that can be used throughout the year.  Be sure to check it out here!    Science Notebook from Mrs Jones Creation Station

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