If you’re a Pre-K or Kindergarten teacher, listen up! There are ways to teach five senses to your learners without the mundane activities. Five senses is much more than retelling what you see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Check out what the Five Senses science activities I use with my kindergarteners that help stretch their […]

13 Color Mixing Activities Little Ones Will Love

We always begin teaching little ones the colors of the rainbow at an early age. Colors are everywhere, so it makes it quite easy to teach them. The next step is going beyond naming colors, but to find out how colors are created. I came across these great color mixing activities for little learners. They […]

Let’s Make Rainbows

What are your thoughts when you hear the word ‘experiment‘? Do you sigh heavily? Do you become exhausted with thoughts of messes and the clean up? Or do you get all excited and can’t wait to plan it? I sure hope it’s the latter, because hands on learning has so many wonderful benefits. And there’s […]

Shadow Matching Activity

There is never a bad time for a good matching activity! I personally love pulling out simple, but effective matching activities for my little ones for some independent learning. However, most matching games are all the same. Your learner matches two identical pictures together. So, I decided to create something a little different, and the […]

Exploring Weight with Little Learners

Learning doesn’t always need a specific set of instructions.  Sometimes all you need is to provide your learners with materials and allow them to create their own learning experiences.  That is exactly what happened when my little ones explored weight together while playing with a balance scale. When the kiddos were playing in the kitchen, […]

Zoo Small World Play

Providing children with an imaginative play doesn’t have to be a challenge or time consuming. Involving children in the creation builds more learning opportunities and makes the play afterwards more meaningful. Grayson and I worked together to create a zoo small world.  He loved playing with the garbage truck small world earlier this month. So, when I told […]