Alphabet Activities

Practicing the alphabet is something that goes on in an early childhood classroom daily.  It is a must to have a variety of fun alphabet activities to keep centers exciting.  These are a few of my go-to activities to teach all the letters of the alphabet. Letter Sorting The first activity we use is a […]

FREE Printable Book for Teaching Colors

When I think of the world that we live in and how many colors are all around, I am truly amazed.  Rainbows, fish, butterflies, flowers…there are  many colorful things in our world.  So, when it comes to teaching colors to my little learners, what better way than to let them know that these colorful things come from God. […]

Numbers to 20 Printables

I don’t use worksheets a lot, but there are times when a worksheet is perfect for a skill or the way a child learns.  When it comes to math we do a lot of a hands-on learning activities and games.  But, my son loves completing these numbers to 20 printables. When I need to clean […]

Little Snowman Printable Book

Teaching little learners to read can be easily done with simple emergent readers.  These texts are simple and repetitive for young readers to practice common words and word patterns while using picture clues as they read.  My little reader enjoyed learning about the sight word “little” and building a snowman with this fun Little Snowman printable […]