Alphabet Pick-Up Literacy Center for Little Learners

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Earth Day is right around the corner.  I really do love this day.  It’s a time where we show our learners how important Earth is. We also learn how we can keep it beautiful. There are tons of activities out there for Earth Day, but I wanted to find an activity for my young learners.  I’m excited to share this fun, interactive activity!

A few months ago, the preschool at my church asked me to come in to help with literacy activities.  If you know me, I was thrilled.  I love everything about literacy.  So, when the teachers came to me with a need for Earth Day, I got on it.  Four year olds don’t do well sitting. So, I had to think of a letter activity that would get them moving around the room.

I found these trash grabbers at the party favor aisle at Target or you can get these claws from Amazon.
Getting ahold of this activity is so easy!  First, download the FREE alphabet cards and letter printable. Next, cut each letter card into squares.  Then crumble them up and throw them around the room.  Hand over the claw and let them clean up all the ‘trash’ around the room.
As the learners pick up each piece of trash, they unfold the letter and say the letter name and letter sound.  You can also have them find and dot each letter on the Alphabet page with a Do-a-Dot marker as they pick them up.
Be sure to go grab this center for free by clicking the download button!

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