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I’m a huge fan of interactive notebooks in the classroom. Yes, kindergarteners can use them too! We are starting a new school year and it’s the perfect time to introduce my students to interactive math notebooks.


I love using composition books, however, spirals work too! Spirals tend to get beat up easier with pages falling out more than composition books. Each printable that my Math Activities packs offer fit for either option!

We start by gluing the Math Notebook cover to the front. You can grab this FREE printable at the end of this post! The first week of school, I give each student a sandwich size ziploc bag and white or decorative duct tape. There will be times where your students don’t finish an activity and they need the smaller pieces in a safe place. Use the ziploc bag as a place to keep those small pieces to avoid misplacing the small pieces.

Next, I model how to number the pages of our notebook. It makes it easier down the road to find certain pages if they are numbered (I keep a table of contents for myself, but I don’t have my students make one). This helps with two things: writing numbers correctly and teaching my students the importance of organization and how to use page numbers.

To save time on cutting, I cut down each page and bundle the activity with a paper clip. This saves a TON of time on cutting for little learners.


Interactive math notebooks are not impossible for kindergartners to complete. You have to take it slow. This is where gradual release is so important. I introduce how to complete activities through small group. Whole group is an option, but you have a better chance of some students not paying attention.

It’s a lot of ‘I do, you do’ at first. When you think you’ve modeled enough, model some more. I spend the entire first semester modeling how to complete interactive notebook pages correctly, however, I gradually let them try it on their own at my small group table.

When your students are ready to complete these activities independently, I place a completed version at their notebook center for guidance. I don’t take grades based on proficiency with interactive math notebooks. It is a great way to assess following directions!

To get the most out of your students’ notebooks, I use them as a review during center time. I might say “Pick a page in your notebook to review before coming to my small group table” or “Pick a partner and play an activity from your interactive notebook”.

I love my interactive math notebooks for my little learners. It’s a fun way to see how much they grow throughout the year! So to recap, the three ways to make interactive math notebooks a success:

  • Be prepared–make sure to have all the supplies ready to go
  • Model, model, model–if you think you’ve modeled enough, model some more
  • Set expectations–always provide a completed version so your learners know what you expect

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