Learn to Read -Word Patterns Activity

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First come the letters, next come the sounds, then it’s time for some word patterns.  When kiddos learn to read it helps for them to have a basic knowledge of their letters and sounds. That’s when you introduce word patterns they can easily “sound out” these words.

Learn to Read Short A Word Pattern

Whether you teach the whole alphabet or a few at a time, you are bound to introduce short vowel word patterns.  These consonant-vowel-consonant, or CVC, words help your little ones understand that sounds come together to make real words.

Short A Word Pattern Cards - MJCS-10

These word patterns are taught in both kindergarten and first grade. Of course, there are SO MANY ways to enjoy and explore these patterns.

Short A Word Pattern Cards - MJCS-7

I recently updated my Short Vowel Patterns Bundle and wanted to share one of the resources included with you.  There are quite a few centers and activities to help teach short vowel patterns. One of those activities are these Pull and Read Short ‘a’ Cards.

Short A Word Pattern Cards - MJCS-8

To make the activity you will need to print, laminate and cut slits on the dashed line (I used cardstock so it will be more durable).  Then, insert the initial sound piece through the slits and VOILA!!!

Short A Word Pattern Cards - MJCS-3

You can grab these Short A Pull and Read Cards by clicking the download button below!  If you are looking for more short vowel activities for your little readers check out my Short Vowel Patterns BUNDLE here.

Short A Word Pattern Cards - MJCS


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