Picture Books on Light for Your Classroom Library

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It’s so important to have a variety of books in your classroom library. In my library, I have a wide range of topics, genres and chapter books for all levels of readers. When we are in the middle of a unit, I love to pull as many books as I can that tie in with what we are studying. March is usually when we study light. These picture books on light are perfect for early learners!

All About Light

This is the perfect book to introduce your early readers to the concept of light. The pictures and text are perfect for young readers. The author does an amazing job explaining light, what it does and how we use it.

Light Waves

This fun, illustrated kids’ book is full of fun facts about light. Your learners will read about solar energy, the electromagnetic spectrum, photon particles, light scattering, and reflection and refraction. Lots of fun vocabulary and even more fun reading!

Light: Shadows, Mirrors and Rainbows

A hands on activity book, this great non-fiction takes you on a journey to show you how to make shadows and rainbows with natural light, mirrors and other objects!


This book is a great introduction to chapter books. The author takes the reader on a journey of how rainbows form. The text and illustrations are perfect for kindergarten and first grade readers!

Raindrops arre Rainbows

A great way to tie in the water cycle and the formation of rainbows, this book is a must to have in your library for your science unit!

These are just a few of the great picture books on light that I use in my classroom! Click the links to check out each book!

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