Positional Words with a Penguin

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Your child is ready to learn positional words, but where do you start?  A cute penguin is always the way to go!  I was on amazon one day and came across this adorable plush penguin. Of course, it gave me the great idea (and excuse to buy him) of creating a positional words game.
 I knew I wanted to create an activity that got my little ones up and moving. Also, with it being the dead of winter, using this cute penguin ties in with our penguin unit.  Of course, you can’t teach these words without moving around!
This positional words game is simple and fun!  You can play “Positional Penguin” similar to the game of charades by having your little one pick a card and place the penguin according to the card.  The other learners (or family members) can then guess what the card said.

You can find this game and much more in my Penguins Mini-Pack {here}.


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