The Importance of Setting Goals in the Classroom

Oh, classrooms have changed over the last few decades! And of course they will change over time. Our kids learn differently due to changes in society. During my first few years of teaching, I never thought I would teach using digital resources. The only ‘digital’ resource I had was my overhead projector! 🙂 But our […]

Zoom Meeting Rules for Successful Learning

The education system has been through a whirlwind of changes these last several months. Because of this, teachers are working harder than ever before. Some are back in the classroom, but others are teaching remotely. And we never know when a school will head back to fully remote learning. For those who are teaching using […]

Holiday Incentive Charts

The holidays are an exciting time for everyone! It’s such a magical time for the kids. The treats, holiday movies, and the decorations make it the most exciting. But if you’re a classroom teacher or parent, you know that our little ones tend to forget the expectations when they are so excited! You find yourself […]

A Fun Way for Pencil Storage

Pencils. You love them, and you hate them at the same time. They are found all over the classroom floor. Students never have them when they need them. Erasers turn into a form of chewing gum. For a kindergarten teacher, it’s a pet peeve of mine! But do you know what’s wonderful about kindergarteners? You […]

Creating a Class Schedule to Promote Balanced Literacy

Balanced literacy has been around for a while and was a method of instruction I was drawn to most in college.  I am a huge fan of providing my learners with a variety of opportunities to learn, practice concepts and skills. Balanced literacy does just that. The Gradual Release Model The “I do, We do, You do” approach […]