A Fun Way for Pencil Storage

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Pencils. You love them, and you hate them at the same time. They are found all over the classroom floor. Students never have them when they need them. Erasers turn into a form of chewing gum. For a kindergarten teacher, it’s a pet peeve of mine! But do you know what’s wonderful about kindergarteners? You can train them to do ANYTHING! From restroom routines to pencil storage, you can teach them to do pretty much anything correctly!

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Where Do I Start?

If you’re fed up with the number of pencils your kids go through in a month, this blog post is for you! The most important tip I can give you is to be consistent. When a new school year starts, I call my students to my circle time area to go over classroom management systems. And this one is the first one I go over.

I start with a fun book called When Pencil Met Eraser. Pencil and Eraser become best of friends by accident-they figure out that when they work together they get things done! Read this book once, twice, or however many times you want. It’s such a fun book and I know the kids will giggle their way to their seat!

You can’t read a book and NOT make an anchor chart, am I right? And when you’re teaching classroom procedures, anchor charts are a great way to display them throughout the classroom. Visuals help with consistency!

You obviously want to discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of pencil management! The students have fun with this because they sure can come up with some interesting ways on how to NOT use your pencil! Have your students sign it because that means they promise they will follow this procedure.

Pencil Storage Done Right!

This is when consistency comes in really handy. And modeling is extremely important!

Discuss what the definition of ‘sharp’ means. When I wasn’t as consistent with this procedure, I would have the same child come up to my counter for a new pencil every hour.

Sharp means you can still write with it! Dull means your student can no longer write a letter with that pencil.

The steps are simple: When your student’s pencil becomes dull, they put it in the “Dull Pencils” jar and grab a sharpened pencil from the “Sharp Pencils” jar. You might want to assign a student to sharpen plenty of pencils at the beginning of each day! Obviously you want to set some rules on when they can get up to get a new pencil, as well.

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