Real Life Color Posters

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Getting your classroom ready for students is such an exciting time! You want to make everything perfect. An inviting classroom creates a room full of happy and engaged students! Real life pictures around the room helps your students make connections when learning basic concepts. These real life color posters are a great addition to your classroom!

Why Use Real Life Images?

Color posters are found in every early childhood classroom. Visuals play a vital role in student retention. can have posters with color hearts or color stars. But how do those posters help our students? They don’t.

Every classroom should implement real life examples. These posters do a great job showing your young learners real life colors in our world.

Brights Collection

If you’re like me, you want your classroom organized and clean. And that usually means the theme is the same all throughout the classroom. So, you want these posters, but you’re thinking “I need the rest of my room to match!” No worries! My Brights Collection goes well with these posters. Fifteen products that every teacher needs is in this one bundle!

Other Uses

Maybe you don’t have the wall space for these posters. There are other great ways to use these posters!

*Place these posters in a matching center. The posters can be a guide if students get stuck.

*Add these posters to other actives. These are some of our favorite color resources we have in our home.

To grab these color posters, click on the download button below!

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