The Importance of Setting Goals in the Classroom

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Oh, classrooms have changed over the last few decades! And of course they will change over time. Our kids learn differently due to changes in society. During my first few years of teaching, I never thought I would teach using digital resources. The only ‘digital’ resource I had was my overhead projector! 🙂 But our kids are learning in different environments, and the workload is harder. Teaching our kids at an early age of to set goals for themselves will guide them to be successful students in the future!

Why Set Goals?

We as adults set them all the time. I set WEEKLY goals myself just to get through the week. And when I meet those them, my next set of goals are higher and I feel pretty good about myself!

So why wouldn’t goal setting have the same affects on our kids? They do, and it’s important to implement them in the classroom.

When we provide time for our students to set goals, many benefits come from it.

  • It provides our students a chance to see their strengths
  • Setting goals help our students be aware of what they need to work on the most
  • Goals create a positive image in one’s self
  • They help our students become more responsible in their own learning.

Read a Book on Goal Setting

There are so many great books where the main character grows from setting their own goal. Here are some that you can use in your classroom as a quick mini lesson any time of the year!

Write Them Down!

In order for your students to remember what they are working towards, they need to write it down!

When you meet with your students during small groups, find some time to help them fill out their weekly goal sheets. What I love about this sheet is that it not only focuses on what they need to improve on, but they also get to brag about themself!

Provide them with a “Goal Folder” and remind them every day to look over it.

The plan of action part puts the goal setting in their hands. Your learners will come up with ways to meet their weekly goals on their own.

Grab this FREE Goal Sheet by clicking the download button below! I can’t wait to hear about how your students do with setting goals!

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