Healthy food leads to healthy teeth! It’s Dental Hygiene month and we are spending a ton of time on taking care of our teeth! Dental Hygiene Unit My Dental Hygiene unit includes many engaging activities. You’ll bring the excitement back to brushing teeth. And you’ll have parents thanking you! This unit has everything you need […]

Take Care of our Masks in the Classroom

Students are slowing returning to school from a very long break. Things are a little different this school year. They are bringing their backpacks and lunchboxes, but they will also have a face mask in tow. For young learners, wearing a mask in school is can be a challenge. However, if you add mask care […]

Hand Washing Procedures for the Classroom

Each school year starts off the same. Classroom procedures and expectations are a huge part of the first few weeks of a Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum. One big part of this is how we keep ourselves safe from germs! Hand washing procedures are an absolute must with little ones. This activity goes really well with […]

Ways to Stay Healthy at School

Germs are everywhere, but our kids pick up these pesky little things more at school than any other place. At a young age, it’s so important to teach proper hygiene and ways to keep germs from spreading to our friends and family. To cover those preschool and kindergarten health standards, placing fun activities on how […]

Sun Safety Activities

We are continuing our series of Summer Safety! Last week, I featured the water safety resource. This week we are focusing on sun safety. Summer months take us all outside whether it be swimming, camping or just jumping on the trampoline. We have to keep our skin healthy! Start With a Book! You know me! […]