Take Care of our Masks in the Classroom

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Students are slowing returning to school from a very long break. Things are a little different this school year. They are bringing their backpacks and lunchboxes, but they will also have a face mask in tow. For young learners, wearing a mask in school is can be a challenge. However, if you add mask care to your classroom procedures you will have no problem with masks in the classroom!

A Quick Mini Lesson

Routines and procedures are usually what you find on the lesson plans the first few weeks of school. Especially for young learners. They need a lot of reminders and a lot of practice! If you model and practice quite a bit, you will have a well run classroom and that means more time for teaching!

I always find books that fit with my lessons. And you can find a book on just about anything! Here are some books I recommend for this lesson. They go great with discussing how to take care of our masks in the classroom.

Books are a great addition to mini lessons, and I like to include an activity after a reading. A quick pocket chart activity is perfect!

Spend a few days going over these steps to keep our masks clean and avoid contamination. As the days pass, have volunteers come to the front to show off what they learned!

Visuals in the Classroom

To help remind your students of these important steps, place these posters around the room and your school. The visuals are great to show your students what to do and what not to do.

To grab these free resources, click on the download link below!

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