Halloween Counting Mats for Little Learners

Halloween is right around the corner. It’s such an exciting time for little ones between the costumes and the tons of candy they receive! But you can also bring some fun, engaging learning activities during this time even with all the craziness. Bring the candy to the table with these fun Halloween counting mats! Perfect […]

A Space Unit Every Early Learner Will Love

Get a child to talk about space, and you will have them gabbing for hours! Their little minds are intrigued with what’s beyond Earth. Bring engaging activities to your classroom and you’ll have them glued every single day! My Travel to Space unit will spark the imagination of your classroom that they will beg to […]

Number Sense to Ten

Number sense is the first step in understanding all things math. It’s where we dive into what a number really means, and as a result, helps learners better understand harder math concepts later on. To not overwhelm young learners, I like to start with number sense to ten. Plan a Math Block This unit of […]

Calendar Time with Little Learners

Are you implementing calendar time in your class? Tt is beneficial to create a routine and expectations for calendar time.  So what is your calendar made of…intentional instruction or monotonous routines? We started our calendar time and learning tubs this week, mainly because the weather has just been so HOT here in Texas and we […]