Halloween is right around the corner. It’s such an exciting time for little ones between the costumes and the tons of candy they receive! But you can also bring some fun, engaging learning activities during this time even with all the craziness. Bring the candy to the table with these fun Halloween counting mats! Perfect […]

Number Sense Made Easy for Early Learners

Number sense is a huge part of early math curriculum. It’s how learners truly understand numbers and how we use them in every day life. We always start off with number sense up to ten activities, but as they grow, we move them up to number sense up to twenty activities. Plan a Math Block […]

Number Sense to Ten

Number sense is the first step in understanding all things math. It’s where we dive into what a number really means, and as a result, helps learners better understand harder math concepts later on. To not overwhelm young learners, I like to start with number sense to ten. Plan a Math Block This unit of […]

Football Math Center for Little Fans

Football is here!  The boys in my house are rejoicing.  However, the Fantasy Football obsession I could do without.  This football math center is perfect for the football fans in your classroom.  Even better, the ways to use this activity are endless. Football Math Using learners’ interests to get them engaged is no secret.  The […]

Making Five Math Game

Preschool math is a building block to skills learners are expected to perform in elementary school.  Counting, one-to-one correspondence, and number sense are necessities in early childhood classrooms.  Teachers can help learners explore number sense by using hands-on materials and engaging math games.  This making five math game is perfect for a fun number sense […]

Free Halloween Math Number Mats

I can’t have enough number mats in my math cabinet.  Numbers mats are simple for learners to use, perfect for thematic units and review number sense in one page.  These free Halloween math mats are perfect for some spooky learning. What are number mats? Number mats are a resource that I have on hand for […]