Reading Strategies Pocket Chart

One of the best parts about teaching early elementary students is teaching them to read. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a tough task, but one that is so rewarding. All you need is a list of fun and creative reading strategies, and your students will be reading in no time! “Ask and you shall receive!” […]

Literature and Math using Counting

We had a wonderful time camping this past weekend. Twelve children and eight adults made for a crowded, but exciting trip.  We were all sitting around the campfire the first night.  The sun had set and darkness crept in.  All of a sudden, we saw twinkling lights throughout the trees.  Yep, fireflies.  If you haven’t […]

20 Space Books for Little Learners

Teaching our little learners about space is such a wonderful unit to go through. There are so many fun ways to go through this unit and watch little minds be amazed as they learn about stars, astronauts, planets, and so much more out there in space! It’s even more fun to watch them read through […]

Warning: Snowmen At Work!

When I began teaching, I thought that I had to follow my yearly curriculum by the week.  No….by the day.  After a few years into my career, I realized how oh-so-wrong I was!  Never did I anticipate all the crazy hiccups that came with the job. Furthermore, the flexibility of the job was by far […]

Mouse Counting Math Activity

Creating a math block that involves guided math means making the most out of mini-lessons.  Incorporating read-alouds into math instruction is the perfect solution.  This mouse counting math activity is an engaging and fun mini-lesson for little learners. Mouse Count The mouse books by Ellen Stoll Walsh are great to use in early childhood classrooms. […]