Syllable Sort Classroom Centers

Do you teach in small groups just to have other students come to ask you questions? You need literacy centers in your classroom ASAP! Literacy centers are a MUST in my classroom. If you’re a classroom teacher, you understand the importance of literacy centers. They have such a positive impact on our learners development! Introducing […]

Leprechaun Digital Activities for Little Learners

I think St. Patrick’s Day activities get pushed to side way too much! March is a crazy time of the year. Spring Break, assessments, and the beginning of end of the year busyness. But you’re missing a great theme unit if you haven’t done it in the past. I like to focus on science activities […]

Sorting Activities for Little Learners

Sorting by attributes is a big fundamental skills taught in every early childhood classroom. Classifying and sorting is  a unit that starts off math instruction for the school year. However, things like classroom management, getting to know your learners and other back to school craziness can take priority during the beginning of the school year. […]

Counting Bears Sorting by Size

It is so important to have resources on hand that can be used for small group or independent practice for math instruction. Of course, that’s why I created this versatile sorting by size math activity as a perfect way to practice sorting by attribute. Counting Bears Using math manipulatives is a great way to introduce new […]

Same and Different Sorting Activities

Sorting is one of the first units covered in many early childhood classrooms.  It is an essential skill for little ones to understand before many other math skills are developed.  Little learners need to know what makes objects the same and different in order to understand the concept of sorting. Same and Different This may […]