Picture Books for Writing Conventions

Writing conventions are challenging to teach at times. I know in my experiences, it’s hard to bring authentic lessons and activities to keep learners engaged. Because who really wants to look at sentences and break them apart? However, my style of teaching changed when I found these picture books for writing conventions! My students beg […]

Spring Books for Little Learners

Spring came early in Texas this year…after a winter of no snow and very few freezes the weather is warm and rainy and signs of spring are starting to appear.  I love welcoming spring and the other seasons of the year with some engaging books for my little learners. I decided to share a few of my […]

12 Valentines Books for Little Learners

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is the perfect holiday to teach little learners about kindness, love and friendship.  There are so many great books for Valentines and below are some of our favorites to read this time of year. The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond is a great book to […]

4 Reasons Picture Books are Better

Leveled readers are a great tool to help children develop their reading skills.  Leveled books that are on your child’s independent or instructional level allow them to practice and succeed at many things.  For example, they help with word patterns and sight words.  No matter how great leveled readers are, they are not the best choice […]

5 Books for Winter Read Alouds

Coming back from winter break is always exciting…the kiddos might have forgotten 90% of the classroom rules and expectations and they seem to have craziness joy pouring out of them, but it’s nice to see their smiling faces again!  I like to start the new year off with these favorite winter read alouds! Read alouds are […]