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Earth Day is quickly approaching! I always chose to make it a special day in my class. It’s a time for our little learners to understand how important it is to take care of the earth. Here some great Earth Day activities to use in. your classroom.

Make It a Day of Learning

First, brainstorm ways we can all keep the outdoors clean and beautiful. You’ll be surprised by what they know! Next, read a book while your students are still at the carpet area. Fill your library with the others so they can read them throughout the day. Here are some of my favorites, but there are so many more you can choose from!

If you want to spend the day (or even week) celebrating Earth Day, I suggest using Our Earth Thematic Unit Activities. If you’re familiar with MJCS’s thematic units, you know that all the hard work is done for you. Use the easy to follow lesson plans, print, laminate, cut and you have yourself a week’s worth of activities. Or, pick and choose what activity to do for a one day activity.

Another activity you can use is the Earth and Landforms Lapbook. Not only will your students learn about the landforms here on Earth, but the interactive activities will help them understand the importance of the recycling process.

Looking for Earth Day Free Resources?

Maybe you’re looking for a quick activity for a busy day. I have some great free Earth Day activities that are free!

A favorite of so many of my followers is the Earth Day Alphabet pick up activity. Print each letter card and crumble it up like a piece of trash. Let your little ones throw them all over the room. I like to use a toy hand claw to add some extra fun to the activity.

For older students, you can do a quick writing/drawing activity to illustrate and explain how we can take care of the earth.

A FREE Digital Earth Day Activity

Our NEW digital Earth Day activity is here! Many classrooms are going totally digital, and this activity is perfect for a quick science activity.

Using Google Classroom™ or Seesaw™, your students can complete this recycle sorting activity with just a few clicks. Each slide shows an items that is recyclable. Your students sort each picture under the correct category of paper, plastic or metals.

To grab this free digital resource, just click the download button below!

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