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Phonics has been a hot topic in the education world for several years. Once you dive into phonics, you realize how in depth it is, and you start to wonder how in the world kids are going to learn all of these rules. Teachers have to think creatively when teaching phonics to their kids. It will avoid boredom, confusion and frustration if you bring it all down to their level. One part of phonics that can be so overwhelming is learning the types of syllables. How to decode words into syllables is an important skill. My students had a blast with this new resource!

The Types of Syllables

I remember my first years of teaching and teaching syllables. Lots of clapping and tapping feet. But no knowledge of where the syllable starts and ends. I used the ‘natural’ approach-where the word naturally breaks-and didn’t enforce the actual knowledge.

After studies and research, the last several years have been amazing for my knowledge in all things literacy. After Spring Break, my kids and I will be working on the six types of syllables:

  • Closed
  • Open
  • Silent ‘e’
  • R-Controlled
  • Vowel Team
  • Final Stable

You see why the English language is the hardest language to learn? You’re probably thinking “How am I going to get my kids to remember these!?”

The DIY Syllable Shop

Looking for a fully engaged class while teaching all of these syllable types? Take a look at how to decode words into syllables with my DIY Syllable Shop pack!

Transform Your Classroom

Classroom Transformations were the best thing that happened to my class. They are perfect to do to get your learners excited about a unit that might not be very exciting. Every year we hold our Second Street Room Transformation week. Each class transform into a coffee shop, bakery, construction store and post office.

With our syllable study, we turn to our construction store–or the DIY Syllable Shop!

Introduce Syllable Types

Do you slides while you teach? In this DIY Syllable Shop pack, I provide you with all the slides to teach and illustrate each type!

Time to Construct!

This is when we really dig into the types of syllables by working with words using the letters. First we paint vowels and consonants by color coding them. Next, we measure the letters with ‘c’ or ‘v’. After that, we mark the words with their phonetic patters.

It’s not constructing without using a saw! This is when your students show you what they know. They saw the words into syllable and drill the type of syllable above or below the word!

Take a look at my classroom during this unit! They were not thrilled to learn about syllables. However, when they walked into the classroom to see it transformed, the engaged and excitement shot through the roof!

You can start on this unit by grabbing my Types of Syllables anchor chart! Just click the link below to grab it instantly!

Check out my DIY Syllable Shop pack!

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