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Do you teach in small groups just to have other students come to ask you questions? You need literacy centers in your classroom ASAP! Literacy centers are a MUST in my classroom. If you’re a classroom teacher, you understand the importance of literacy centers. They have such a positive impact on our learners development!

Introducing your class to literacy (and math) centers takes time and patience. However, the amount of work you put in will be well worth it! There are three ‘musts’ that you need to implement in order for literacy centers to be successful:

  1. Consistency
  2. Organization
  3. Engaging activities

Literacy centers are a must for my classroom. It provides students the opportunity to practice previous skills independently. I am a huge believer in small group teaching. Students working on literacy centers provide me the time I need with my small group with very little distraction.

Syllable Sort Freebie

One of the first literacy centers I introduced to my students was my syllable sort activity. By second grade, students should be very familiar with counting syllables. This was the perfect activity to use to get my literacy centers up and going!

All of my centers include a cover poster. This cover post includes the title of the center, a picture of what the activity looks like and an “I Can” statement. The “I Can” statements are a must! This avoids tons of questions while I’m teaching in small groups. As a result, we all get our learning done successfully!

This syllable sort includes four sorting mats, which meets all learners’ needs. Pair students or make this an independent activity!

Students simply sort each picture card onto the correct syllable mat! When completed, they fill out the printable to turn in!

You can grab this no prep syllable sort for your first or second grade classrooms by clicking the download button below!

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