Spring Science Activities Your Little Ones Must Do

Do your kids cheer up when Spring arrives? I don’t know about your kids, but my kids flip a switch when March rolls around. And I know exactly why! Spring means warmer temperatures, longer days and more playtime outside. This year, I wanted to search for spring science activities to help us spend more time […]

Spring Digital Activities for Little Learners

Isn’t it crazy how much the view of classrooms have changed just in a few short years? Gosh, when I started teaching 15 years ago, I was lucky to have 2-3 computers up against a back wall. Now, you walk into classrooms and see individual iPads, Teacher Bitmojis on the screen, and digital resources instead […]

Oviparous Animals

Oviparous is a fairly new word to me. That’s because I didn’t know what it meant until my first year of teaching. Not lying! Many of you are nodding your head because it happened to you. Some of you are thinking “Really?? What did you learn in school!?” And some of you are scratching your […]

Butterfly Life Cycle for Little Learners

The best way to teach little learners about life cycle is to experience first hand.  Experience the butterfly life cycle with your learners by watching caterpillars grow, form into a chrysalis and turn into butterflies. The cold weather has passed, which means the little critters are out and about. What a perfect time to get […]

St. Patrick’s Initial Sounds Freebie

We are continuing our St. Patrick’s Day themed activities, and we are having a blast!  Grayson is doing a great job with his letters and sounds. Inital sounds are in the plans this week! Along with our Sight Word Matching game, I created a quick activity to introduce initial sounds.  If you’re new to teaching […]