Oviparous Animals

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Oviparous is a fairly new word to me. That’s because I didn’t know what it meant until my first year of teaching. Not lying! Many of you are nodding your head because it happened to you. Some of you are thinking “Really?? What did you learn in school!?” And some of you are scratching your head asking yourself “oviparous??” Spring is the right time to learn more about these animals. You definitely find more eggs during this time of year!

Who’s Egg?

My absolute favorite book on oviparous animals is called Whose Egg? by Lynette Evans. Each page includes beautiful illustrations of different types of eggs laid. The paragraph is a fun, riddle type story that keeps your child guessing what’s inside each egg.

Not only is this an engaging book to read, your child will learn so many fun facts about oviparous animals. Who knew you could tell what kind of animal it is by the shape and color of the shell!

Let’s Show What We Learned

A great way for your child to show their understanding is by using this free resource! It takes hardly any time to prep.

Your child can draw their favorite oviparous animal from the story in the blank spot of the egg. Next, they write the animal’s name above the picture.

You can even have your child color and decorate the top egg after an egg they learned from the story. After that, cut the top page along the cracked line. Glue the bottom half of the top egg onto the bottom part of the bottom egg.

Use a brad to join the two pieces to make it look like the egg is opening.

And that’s it! A simple, but effective activity to show what your child learned from the story. They will love it so much they might ask you to print more!

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