Subtraction Practice

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Addition and Subtraction facts can be a tedious job to teach, if you resort to just memorization. And it can be tedious for our learners too. Sure, our goal as educators is to teach our learners how to quickly spout off facts, but is the number sense and understanding really there? There is a time and a place for flash cards, but we must start from the beginning. Your students will love this pizza themed subtraction practice activity! Just make sure to introduce it AFTER lunch to keep the cravings at bay!

Why Is Number Sense Important?

Math teachings have changed so much over the years. We went from rote memorization to digging deep and understanding numbers. Before we introduce the words “add” or “subtract”, we work on our number sense. But is it effective? Absolutely.

Number sense gives our learners a true understanding of numbers. With a good understanding, students can manipulate numbers to solve problems faster. With all the ways a student can solve a problem, number sense gives them the flexibility to choose how they solve problems rather than stick to the same, traditional way.

The Earlier The Better

Number sense shouldn’t start when a child walks into a kindergarten class. Manipulating numbers should start at a younger age through engaging activities, manipulatives and visuals.

Here are some activities you can start with:

Making Five Math Game

Fine Motor Number Activity

Numbers to 20 Printables

The Next Step

Addition and Subtraction activities come next. But flash cards or worksheets aren’t the way to introduce this new skill. Hands on activities are perfect. And you don’t have to spend a fortune for manipulatives.

Thematic erasers are my absolute favorite manipulative. And math mats are perfect to use them. I found these pizza themed erasers at the Target Dollar Spot, and a new freebie was created! This subtraction practice activity is the next step after number sense is established.

We first start off with a number of pizzas on the pan. That’s the first number of our subtraction practice problem.

We move our pieces to the plate. And that creates are subtraction problem. How many pieces are left on the pizza pan?

And we continue practicing multiple subtraction problems as practice. If you can’t find my erasers, I’ve included pizza images on this freebie pack!

To grab this freebie, click on the download box below!

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