Winter Break Bingo

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The much anticipated winter break is right around the corner! For me, it seems like so long ago that my students walked in on the first day. And then other days I think “how in the world is it already winter break?” This is a much needed break for all of us. Teachers get to unwind, sleep in, and do everything BUT teach. Students get to watch a whole lot of tv, sleep in, travel and do everything BUT be a student. Send your student off on this long break with a winter break bingo sheet to add to the fun!

A Mix of Activities

I used to be that teacher that just sent home a reading log for the winter break and called it a day. Sure, I encourage my students to read over the break, but in reality, most kids only pick up a book a few times. This bingo sheet definitely has reading, but it has a ton of other activities that pull from all subjects!

Science Activities

Kids use science on the daily, but do they even realize it? Included in the winter break bingo are some fun science activities that they probably do all the time!

  • States of Matter review while making hot coca
  • Draw the moon for that particular night
  • Find a natural resource and man-made resource
  • Describe a rock from your yard or park

Math Activities

This activity isn’t just for my students. I encourage the entire family to be involved! A great way to involve a parent is with math facts. I’ve added these math activities to keep those math facts fresh on their minds.

  • Have a parent ask ten addition problems
  • Grab a handful of coins and count the total value
  • Practice subtraction facts from a family member
  • Find 3-D shapes in your home
  • How many 2-D shapes are in your home
  • Estimate how many gifts are under the Christmas tree

winter break bingo

Literacy Activities

I couldn’t forget about those literacy activities! I’ve included some fun, engaging literacy activities that cover phonics, spelling, reading and writing.

  • Watch a movie with your family and retell the main parts
  • Read two picture books and write the title of your favorite
  • Read a book to your family and ask them questions while reading
  • Read a book and figure out the solution
  • Swap sounds to make new words
  • Cook a meal with your family and write adjectives to describe the food

winter break bingo

Not every box is education based! I threw in some family time activities as well. These activities are not only fun and different, but they also include learning at the same time. We don’t want to bog our kids down with tons of learning over the break. But we can use our every day tasks to strengthen their minds, even if it’s just a fifteen to twenty minute activity!

You can grab this bingo activity by clicking the link below!

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