Winter Resources for Early Learners

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Winter is here which means teachers are prepping for students returning to the classroom from a long break. It’s quite possibly you will have a full classroom of sleepy learners. Planning engaging activities is a must to get learners excited for their return! These winter resources are perfect to use that first few weeks in January!

Engaging Activities

I love everything about these thematic units. They contain activities that are rich in vocabulary. Your early learners will learn words like hibernation, blubber, Arctic, migrate, and so much more!

Whole group lessons tie literacy and science together! This unit focuses on how animals adapt to their surroundings as climates change. Your learners will learn about how animals use their bodies to adapt to cold weather through a layer of blubber. A really cool experiment is included that gives kids an up close look at how it feels to have a layer of blubber on their hands. You can grab the free printable for this experiment below!

I love tying literacy to almost anything I teach. There are tons of great books on Winter Animals out there that go well with this unit.

Emergent Readers

Both winter resources include emergent readers for beginner readers. Emergent readers are simple readers that are repetitive to help readers identify key words. They are great to use for small group instruction or to send home to read with parents.

Math and Literacy Centers

Like every MJCS thematic unit, these units have math and literacy centers to keep planning easy. Language Arts standards range from ending sounds, syllables, positional words, letter recognition. Next, math standards range from number order, shapes, patterns, and addition practice.


Are you in search for winter units for your early learners? You can find all of these resources in my Polar Animals and Winter Animals packs.

Grab my free printable on blubber by clicking the download button below!


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