5 Books for Winter Read Alouds

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Coming back from winter break is always exciting…the kiddos might have forgotten 90% of the classroom rules and expectations and they seem to have craziness joy pouring out of them, but it’s nice to see their smiling faces again!  I like to start the new year off with these favorite winter read alouds!


Read alouds are the “family time” of the day in your classroom and a great way to help your learners to settle down and refocus.  The great thing about read alouds is you can choose what they will focus on or you can see where your students take it.
Here are 5 great winter read alouds you can share with your class or kids at home, as well as, an after reading idea for each book…

It’s Winter by Linda Glaser

Need an introduction to the winter season?  This book has it ALL…winter activities, weather, different climates, hibernating animals, animals active in winter and much more!

{Predictable Chart}
Model writing by having each learner complete the sentence “In winter…” on a piece of chart paper.  Read together each day for the rest of the week and create a class book by having your kiddos write and illustrate their sentence. Get a FREE BOOK COVER {here}!

Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London

If you don’t know Froggy, its time learn all about him!  Froggy has always been a favorite and this book is my favorite for teaching my kiddos how we dress in the winter.

{Getting Dressed}
If you need to get your learners moving have a Winter Weather Relay!  Create 2 piles of various articles of clothing worn in the winter (I bought a some at Walmart years ago and had the children I chose bring their own jacket).  Then have 2 children race to put on the clothing the fastest!  Such a fun game and a great way to learn some winter clothing vocabulary!

Snowmen At Night by Caralyn Buehner

I wish I knew about this book earlier!  I found this book my last year in the classroom, and fell in love.  This book has great pictures and creates wonderful stories from little ones!

First, discuss the author’s purpose for writing this book.  Then, have your learners “rewrite” the story from their on perspective.  The result will be adorable…I guarantee it!

Mouse’s First Snow by Lauren Thompson

Cuteness wrapped up in a book!  I bought one book of this series and immediately bought the others, as well!  This is an easy to read, beautifully illustrated and adorable book that shares different ways Mouse plays int he winter snow.

{Act it Out}
I love getting my kiddos active after a read aloud and this is another winter book that does just that.  After reading, reread and have your kiddos act out sledding, skating, and making snow angels!

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

This book is a classic and I am sure you already know all the fun that Peter had on that snowy day.  I have 2 activities that I like to do with this book, so here goes…

{Cause and Effect}
Reread the book with a Cause and Effect T-Chart.  Together complete the chart with Peter’s activities (feet turned out, feet turned in, hitting the tree, snowball in his pocket, etc)

{Snowy Day Art}
Torn paper art was always a favorite of my learners.  I simply gave each student and light blue piece of construction paper and half of a white piece of paper.  They tore the white paper into small pieces and created a snowy day scene on the blue paper.  They could then write about their snowy day, staple or glue the 2 pages together and post in the hall for all to read!


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