All About America Activities

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You know what I love about units on America? You can teach them any time of the school year. Many teachers choose to teach this unit around President’s Day, and my All About America unit and lapbook are perfect to use.

President’s Day Activities

I love this unit for many reasons. My students are at an age where they start to understand what our President does, and why we elect our President. I like to introduce this unit around President’s Day in February. Our two greatest Presidents were born in February, so it just makes sense to do it at this time.

There are some amazing picture books out there that supplement well with this unit. I have a great list that you can check out, and many of these are in my All About America thematic unit.

The most popular activity in this unit is “If I Were President..”. The answers and ideas my students have make me laugh, smile and also scratch my head. It’s a great activity that the kids absolutely love.

All About America Lapbook

Another great resource that pairs well with my All About America thematic unit is my lapbook. This lapbook digs more into important dates, American symbols, and American money.

It’s interactive, so it’s perfect to use as a review or game after the unit is over.

My lapbook also focuses on our Pledge of Allegiance, ways we can be a good citizen, and much more!

You can grab both of these resources below to complete your All About America unit in your classroom!

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