Math Books for Kids in the Classroom

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If you are a teacher there is a good chance you enjoy having a collection of picture books on hand. They might be from Half-Priced Books, Amazon or borrowed from your local library. But how many math books for kids are in your stash?

Math Literature

We all know the benefits of a good book when we use it to engage our learners. Read alouds in the classroom promote comprehension, motivation and acquisition of new information.

So why aren’t we using more math books in the classroom?

The simple answer? It can be a challenge to find quality math literature.

Engaging Read Alouds

Not every book you read in the classroom is going to be a homerun. Some learners may love one text and the others get bored after the first page. But providing learners with engaging math read alouds is a must.

This is not only a great way to get learners to understand that math is all around our world. But that books can teach us new information, too.

counting goats number activity

Digging Deeper

Some math books for kids are easy to pinpoint. But others take some thinking to determine the math skills the characters or author wants us to understand.

This thinking will motivate students to dig deeper in all texts to find meaning. And place meaning on the math skills they are learning in the classroom.

Free Math Books List

Don’t know where to start when it comes to building a math library?

Use the link below to find the book list for all the math read alouds included in my Math Pack Bundle. Add these books to your classroom wish list or find them in your school or local library.

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