5 Strategies for Kindergarten Math

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Are you happy with the kindergarten math instruction you are providing your learners? Do you think there is room from improvement? Or does planning math with the curriculum you have (or lack thereof) stress you out?

Having learners come to the classroom at different levels of exposure and instruction is a challenge for most early childhood classrooms. Whether you are teaching preschool, prek or kindergarten learners, having strategies to reach all learners is important.

Here are 5 strategies that can help your improve your kindergarten math instruction.

  1. Engaging Math Read Alouds
  2. Math Centers for Spiral Review
  3. Interactive Math Notebooks
  4. Purposeful Math Vocabulary Instruction
  5. Displaying Math Visual Aids

Engaging Math Read Alouds

You can find more information about implementing read alouds in your math mini-lessons clicking the image below. There is also a free book list available!

AVAILABLE 5/13/2019

Math Centers for Spiral Review

Math centers are always a hit with little learners. But are you using math centers to their full potential? Find out more and get a list of all the free math centers we offer by clicking the image below!

AVAILABLE 5/14/2019

Interactive Math Notebooks

Having independent practice is important when learners are mastering new math skills. An interactive math notebook does that and so much more. You can find out more by clicking the image below and get a free math notebook cover.

AVAILABLE 5/15/2019

Purposeful Math Vocabulary Instruction

Math vocabulary is often lost in the process of mastering math skills. You can find out more about promoting math literacy with purposeful math vocabulary instruction. Click in the image below to read more and get free mini math vocabulary cards.

AVAILABLE 5/16/2019

Displaying Math Visual Aids

The lessons have been taught. Centers are in full swing. Notebooks are getting fuller. But what can learners refer to throughout the year. Learn how to use visual aids in the classroom and get a free poster by clicking the image below.

AVAILABLE 5/17/2019

Still want more?

Check out our Math Pack Bundle that provides you will all of the strategies listed above.

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