Observing Snowflakes

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We finally got some snow in our Texas town!  It’s something we don’t see much of, so when we get it the kids get so excited.  I couldn’t wait to get out and observe those bright white snowflakes with the kids!
I had full intention of posting about all of our winter fun the day after the snow melted, but Little Miss had a different idea and ended up with a fever instead!  She is all better now, and we are heading out to go camping later on today. 

 I wanted to share one of our snowy day activities with you.
It’s very rare that we get snow in Texas.  And it’s a big plus if we are at school when it starts!  One activity I always tried to do while I was in the classroom was to have my students grab a piece of black paper when it snowed. 

 It is a great way to get a look at how each snowflake truly is unique!  During our crazy 2 weeks of winter weather Grayson and I were able to collect some snowflakes together and it was amazing to watch him learn!
Little man still had our Mommy and Me class from January on his mind while we observed the snowflakes, so he continually said “Mommy, each one is oo-nee-k”!
We also discussed some vocabulary by observing how our magnifying glass was a great science tool to help make small objects look bigger so we can observe them better.  I LOVE finding fun ways to build up my little man’s vocabulary!
So the next time it snows…hopefully at the end of the year…grab your black paper and magnifying glass and enjoy the science of weather in our world!

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