Pirate Thematic Unit

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I absolutely love thematic units for my kindergarten and first grade learners. There are so many benefits to using thematic activities in the classroom. If you know me, I love all things literacy, however, I love integrating other subjects into my literacy block. This pirate thematic unit is one great example on how to bring literacy and science together for one exciting unit!

Pirate Books!

There are some great pirate themed books out there! I picked out my favorites to read to my class, along with some fun science based activities. Check out these books that I use in this lesson.

With this book, your class can take a deeper look into the life of a pirate with this anchor chart activity! Your class can brainstorm what pirates are, do and have.

It’s a little harder than you think, but the responses are so fun to see!

This book is a great read and is perfect for the next activity! This book encourages creativity and imagination, but it also sets us up to talk about what a ship needs in order to move across the water. Request parents to send in egg cartons for your students to make their own pirate ship!

This activity is so fun to use when introducing force and motion. What’s a better example than a ship sailing across the ocean??

This is where your students actually see examples of force and motion! Use the scenario cards that are included with this unit to test our your pirate ship!

Another great thing I love about this unit is that it can be taught any time of year! You know that the last few weeks of school are crazy..and you need some new, engaging activities to keep learning going. This unit is perfect to end the school year with!

You can grab this pirate thematic unit in my store by clicking the link below!

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