Pumpkin Study: How to Integrate It All Together

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I love integrating science, math and literacy together in my class.  Integrating other subjects with literacy not only shows your students that they all work together in the real world, but it also shows them that literacy is everywhere.  If you’re self-contained it will help cut down your planning while it also helps teachers work together who are team teaching. It’s so easy to integrate it all together with this pumpkin study!


Hold a Read Aloud Each Day

I love to fill my classroom with various picture books-fiction and nonfiction!  Before we start our pumpkin study, I go through my library to collect all of my pumpkin themed books.  I like to line my board with all of my favorites for my students to grab them as needed.  Here are some of my favorite books that I like to use during this pumpkin study.


Pumpkin Thematic Unit

I love using thematic units with my pre-k and kindergarten classes.  It’s an easy way to integrate literacy, math, science and even social studies together while learning about one topic or theme.  It also cuts down the planning time, especially if you use an already created resource.

This pumpkin unit does a great job bringing science and literacy together!  Kids love pumpkins.  They love what’s inside, and it’s only perfect to hold lots of science activities during this unit.  Especially a five senses activity.

Not only will your students learn everything about a pumpkin, they will complete pumpkin themed math and literacy centers.  The only thing missing from this week-long study is your own pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin Interactive Lapbook

This is another great science activity that your students will love! (A small pumpkin for each student or one large pumpkin for a group of students would help make this activity even better.)  My Pumpkin Interactive Lapbook focuses on teaching your students the characteristics and life cycle of a pumpkin. It’s interactive so it’s perfect to use during small group learning or partner work to review what was learned.


Bring It All Together

It’s the end of your pumpkin unit and you need to see what your students took away.  Assessments don’t have to be a ‘test’.  They can be anything you choose as long as it shows you what your students learned.  I love giving my students this independent activity on the characteristics of a pumpkin.   I place a large pumpkin in an area of my room.  Throughout the week, each student completes the assessment using the pumpkin, measuring tape and scale  provided!


You can grab this Pumpkin Observation for FREE by clicking the link below!  Who knew studying pumpkins could be so fun!

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