Real-Life Shape Posters

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It’s that time of year where you’re getting your classroom ready for a new school year! You fill the walls with posters, label everything in sight, and organize your supplies. Something you might consider is adding posters like these real-life shape posters to your decor!

Why Use Real Life Images?

Sure, we can slap a bunch of 2-D shapes on our wall, label them and call it a day. But will that benefit the child? Probably not. In today’s classroom, we strive to bring the real world into our daily learning. And these posters are perfect for that!

Each poster consists of real life pictures that illustrate that shape. You might just hear a lot of ‘shape’ talk in your room after you put these up!
“I just ate a TRIANGLE Dorito at lunch today!”

Brights Collection

If you’re like me, you want your classroom organized and clean. And that usually means the theme is the same all throughout the classroom. So, you want these real life shape posters, but you’re thinking “I need the rest of my room to match!” No worries! My Brights Collection goes well with these posters. Fifteen products that every teacher needs is in this one bundle!

Other Uses

Sure, you might have some limited wall space. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use these posters! Here are some fun ways you can incorporate these shape posters into your classroom:

*Place these posters in a matching center. The posters can be a guide if students get stuck.

*Add these posters to other activities. These are some of our favorite color resources we have in our home.

To grab these Shape Poster freebies, click on the link below!

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