Spring is in the Air!

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Spring is such a beautiful time of year…grass is turning green again, new leaves are growing and flowers are blooming!  After the winter we’ve had, it is time for some nice spring weather.  Unfortunately, this spring has brought a lot of sickness with it.  Little man is feeling under the weather again.  Luckily, I can bring a little spring inside with activities from my Spring Preschool Pack when we aren’t well enough to go outside.
Every preschool pack comes with a song and word cards to introduce the unit. This leads to great writing and drawings later on! Each card helps with picture to word correlation for our future reader.
 I included a letter matching game. We have been working on Grayson’s name, so I only used the letters of his name in the ABC Match Tot Tub. I always recommend  using a child’s name when introducing letters.  It has meaning to them, and it gets them excited to learn more.
You’ll also find a fun game on attributes! Monitor your child while they sort each card into small, medium and large!  I always ask Grayson to find things around the house that could fit into these three categories.  This verifies if he really understands the concept.
 This Number Match Tot Tub is a great activity to help with number recognition and counting!  When Grayson is a little older, I’ll pull these out again to introduce the beginning steps of addition!
You can get these activities and more in Spring Preschool Pack!

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