St. Patrick’s Thematic Unit

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There are so many great activities out there for St. Patrick’s Day. When brainstorming my St. Patrick’s Thematic Unit I wanted something different and unique. A lot of activities are STEM activities–how to catch a leprechaun (such a fun activity!). I wanted to keep this unit science based. Then one day while I was driving after a rainstorm I saw this beautiful rainbow. That was it! Rainbows are all about light. Why not center my thematic unit around all the different types of light!

st. patrick's thematic unit

If you’re familiar with my thematic units, you know there is much more than just a few lessons. I always have a great list of books that you can use with each lesson. Those are easy to find on Amazon!

I also love incorporating literacy and math into each unit with fun, hands on station activities. These activities are standard based fit for most Pre-K and Kindergarten learners as well as First grade learners.

Literacy Stations

These literacy stations are for those amazing beginner readers! In this unit, they will learn and practice more on:

  • Initials sounds– matching pictures to their initial sounds
  • Short Vowel Sounds– learners match picture cards to their middle vowel sound
  • Sight Word/fluency– students walk around the room to find sight word cards to practice reading

Math Stations

These station activities are all about building numbers! Your little learners will learn and practice more on:

  • Addition-learners pick two cards to make an addition problem
  • Teen Counting– use the gold coins to count each number shown on the mat
  • Ten Frame Addition-use a set of dice to create an addition problem to solve on the ten frame

Different Types of Light

One of the best parts of being a content creator is what I learn through creating a resource! I had no idea there were so many different types of light! In this St. Patrick’s Thematic Unit, your learners will learn all about:

  • Straight Light-light that travels in a straight line
  • Bending Light (refraction)- when light passes from one transparent substance to another
  • Bouncing Light-redirecting light from one surface to another.

Free Rainbow Experiment

Another way we can study light is by looking at a rainbow! With some simple supplies, you can create your own rainbow to really show your learners!

You can grab this FREE Rainbow Experiment by clicking the download link below! You can purchase my Rainbows and Light: A St. Patrick’s Day Unit by clicking the image below!

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