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Summer days are full of swimming, outside play and lots of cold drinks and treats. One of my favorite childhood memories was to set up a lemonade stand in my driveway. My friends and I would make our own little stand out of a card table and a fun sign. We would always sell out so fast. I came across such a fun book that brought back all those memories. A quick story retell activity and some fun printables and we are bringing back such a fun memory!

When Life Hands You Lemons..

I came across a fabulous summer book the other day. When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree is perfect for kids. Have your kids ever looked at your gift with the face that says “Um…I don’t want that.” Yep…mine too.

When a little girl receives a lemon tree for her birthday from her grandmother, she’s very surprised, but disappointed. What girl needs a lemon tree? But she quickly learns how to take care of it and is so happy when all of her hard work is shown. Her tree fills up with lemons. What do you do with a tree full of lemons? You make lemonade! This book also includes a recipe for some yummy lemonade.

Story Retell Activity

This story is simple, but so enjoyable. And it’s a great book to use to teach or review retelling. In early grades, we introduce retelling by using the words beginning, middle and end.

This takes a lot of modeling and reviewing for students to understand this. But using fun, simple story plots makes it easier for students to understand and grasp.

Lemonade Anyone?

As an extension to this activity, set up a lemonade stand in your classroom or in your yard! I included fun posters and a banner to make it the perfect stand. Use the recipe card for imaginative play or get your kids in the kitchen to make a batch to sell!

To grab these free printables, click the download box below!

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