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Ah! Spring time is fast approaching. I can’t wait to see the beautiful flowers bloom and the birds chirping outside. We’ve covered so many winter thematic units these last few months, it’s a good break to something new. As we see flowers bloom, this is a perfect time to review and learn more about the life cycle of living things that have been in hiding during the cold months! This week we are starting our spring thematic unit and covering the sunflower life cycle.

Books, Books and More Books!

As you know, I always open a new lesson with a book. There are several great books that cover the life cycle of living things. Here are some great books that cover this life cycle of the sunflower.

A Sunflower’s Life Cycle

From Seed to Sunflower

Seed to Plant

We first start our lesson with the Sunflower Life Cycle by Science Vocabulary Readers.

I love this type of book because it’s a great way to introduce non-fiction books and features. We go over the table of contents and talk about how we use it. Before we do anything, we go over the vocabulary words and any other words the kids might not know. We take a picture walk and I give my kids the chance to discuss what they see and what they understand.

After we read the book as a class, we work on the next activity at our desks.

Sunflower Life Cycle

There are so many places you can put this activity. You can use it at your teacher table with a small group. It can be placed in a science center or a whole group activity at the desk.

Print the steps and petals on yellow paper, or print on white card stock and let your kids color each picture. Whatever is easier for you. It’s a simple activity, but is a great quick assessment to see what they learned during the reading.

You can grab this free activity by clicking the link below!

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