Water Safety

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Every summer we see the startling stories. The statistics are gut wrenching. As a parent, it makes our stomach turn and our heart breaks for the victims’ families. I’m talking about the number of drownings we see every year in the U.S. Water safety is more prominent these last several years with the help of so many organizations. I’m happy to work with The LV Project every year by providing water safety resources for their annual Honor Connor Run.

Steps to Stay Safe

Did you know that 9 out of 10 drownings happen when a life vest is not worn? Here are some ways to keep your loved ones safe during the summer months:

  • Life vests are crucial in open water for all ages. They are crucial for children who are not strong swimmers in swimming pools.
  • If you have a pool in your backyard, it’s so important to have your pool fenced off to avoid children walking out on their own.
  • Parents should always be in sight when children swim.
  • Phones need to be put away if you’re not swimming with your child.

Water safety has to be our top priority as summer months approach us.

Our family participates in the Honor Connor Run every year, and it helps my kids understand the importance of water safety.

Water Safety Printables

I’m happy to contribute this free resource to not only our Honor Connor participants, but for you as well! There are coloring pages and two types of booklets!

There are some wonderful books about this topic! Find your favorite and discuss all the steps to be safe in the water. Then, use these free printable and booklets to review all the safety steps!

To put together the booklet, first, have your little one color the pictures or print on colored paper.

Next, fold ‘hamburger’ style and cut on dotted line.

Then, unfold and then fold into ‘hot dog’ style. Using the ends, bring the ends together like an accordion.

Last, fold on top of each other to create a small booklet!

To grab all of these water safety resources, click on the download button below!

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