Welcome Name Tag Necklaces for the First Day of School

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The first day of school is an exciting day for teachers and students.  There is a ton of prep work on both ends…from setting up a fun classroom to purchasing new supplies and clothes for the year.

But when a young learner walks into the classroom on the first day and sits in their chair, do you have an exciting activity to welcome them to their room?

First Week of School

Every year I welcome my new kindergarteners and first graders with an engaging activity that would be used throughout the first week of school…their name tag necklaces.

These necklaces help me learn my new students names and faces during the first week and also help the staff they meet to get to know them as well!

Welcome Necklaces

On the first day, provide each child with a laminated name tag at their table or desk with a string attached. You can grab the editable name tag by clicking on the image at the bottom of this post.

Every table had one or two bins of beads to share as they created designs on their own necklace.  Be sure to purchase beads that are appropriate for your learners.  These large beads are a safer option for younger children.

Learning Names

By having the welcoming activity focus on their name, my learners felt excited and comfortable in their new surroundings.  They instantly knew that they belonged.  Unlike coloring pages, every learner in the room didn’t have an identical project they were working on. They had their very own unique necklace with their own name on it…warm fuzzies all around.

Activity Prep

Having one or two bins of beads on each table forced my learners to become close to those at their table.  It also allowed them to work together and cooperate right off the bat.

They shared beads, helped each other find a specific color and asked what their neighbors name tag said.  There was an instant community feeling throughout the classroom and it easily carried over through the rest of the week.

Skills Practiced

This activity also hits so many basic skills you want your young learners to practice.  Name identification, color identification and fine motor development just to name a few…it’s a win-win all around!

On the first day of school using name tag necklaces can help your learners feel welcome and comfortable while providing a sense of community in the classroom.  All you need is a name tag for each child, string, beads and bins for this easy and engaged welcoming activity!








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